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Web Development

Web development is a complex process, and can mean a number of different things depending on who you talk to. Imago Development is a full-service house, so we can do just about anything you ask (or advise you on it, if nothing else). Web development always begins with an idea. The idea could have just a concept behind it, or it could have a graphic designer already behind it, and content as well. This is what we see as the steps one takes in developing a site:


This is all yours, and we won't do it for you. You have to have some sort of idea of what you want us to do--maybe you don't know what's possible, but you should be able to discuss what your hopes are. This is what you come to us with.

Graphic Design

There's any number of levels to this--Imago can develop your brand, your look-and-feel, your logo; we can work with you to find the right color, feel, mood that you want to convey; we can brainstorm off of a few sites that you've seen and liked, or an entire design can be sparked from one or two photos that you'd like to include. Even just the simple evocative of, "I want the site to give you the feel of construction" can spark the entire design and flow. The more you give, here, the more you get, though we ask that you respect our years of design opinion if you ask for it.


This is the first stage to implementation, and often rolls straight into it--we take the design and turn it into html/css for a couple of pages. The design often changes subtly when moving through to implementation for speed and/or cleanliness issues. This is where a few bits of content get shoved in to see how the design really functions with different sorts of data to display.


Here we'll have decided for sure what technologies you're going to need, and how they'll be provided; whether you need a database, emails, ftp space; if you'll host with us or with another provider, and what the best value is for your needs. That determined, the prototype will be built out, integrated with a database if necessary, and any other ties like e-commerce solutions. Imago is happy to work with e-commerce solutions from Paypal to whatever your merchant account provides, and we're happy to consult on picking an e-commerce solution that fits your needs as well. This is the core of web development.


Existence is constantly evolving, and generally you need to as well. Imago recommends a monthly retainer to help keep your site current, though we do our best to set you up with the tools to do any routine maintenance yourself (adding news articles, product updates, etc.).


If you've made it through all of that, why not take a peek at our impression of costs.